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TELUS Garden : Best Practice for Commercial Building Performance

TELUS Gargen: Best Practice for Commercial Building Performance
June 2016 SABMag ConEd Article
GBCI: 0920009033

This article looks at the passive and active design strategies that make TELUS garden a benchmark in building performance for private sector commercial developments in Canada.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this learning unit, the reader will be able to:

  1. Identify the most important passive design strategies that can be used to reduce heating and cooling loads in commercial buildings.
  2. Identify the most important mechanical design features of the project.
  3. Identify the most important electrical design features of the project.
  4. Understand how effective collaboration between members of the design team can have a positive impact on building performance.

All articles offered by SABMag are GBCI approved. To qualify for continuing education learning hours, practitioners must first read the technical article below, and then proceed to complete the short quiz at the end. You must receive 80% on the quiz to record the activity as part of your continuing education. An email will be sent to you and will act as your certificate of completion once you have successfully completed the requirements.

In order to obtain your CEU Certificate of Completion for this course (1h CE):

STEP 1 : Read the article TELUS Gargen: Best Practice for Commercial Building Performance (PDF format)

STEP 2 : Take the quiz and get a minimum of 8 out of 10 correct answers to receive your Certificate of Completion.

Information about the authors
Gary Rhode, CaGBC, USGBC, IESNA, E-Merge Alliance (DC Buildings)
Engineering Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Electrical: Trade Qualification and Inter-Provincial, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Lead Project Electrical Engineer for TELUS Garden Office

Jalili Jubin, APEGBC, CaGBC, ASHRAE, Iranian Construction Engineering Organization
City of Richmond Advisory Design Panel, Principal - Integral Group Consulting (BC) LLP
Lead Project Mechanical Engineer

Quiz by: Alison Walker, LEED AP [ND], Sustainability Analyst with Integral Group, and Certified Passive House Consultant.


Which of the following passive design strategies is NOT used at TELUS garden?


From what sources does the District Energy System obtain its heat?


Ventilation air for the office spaces is supplied at high level below the chilled floor slabs. True or False?


How many points does the PV array contribute to the project’s LEED Core and Shell certification?


What building system admits the majority of fresh air to the TELUS garden office building?


Proprietary protocols enable all building technologies to communicate with one another. True or False?


Open protocols can harvest data from all building systems simultaneously and present them in real time.  True or False?


What percentage of the water used for flushing toilets is captured rainwater?


What is the particular energy saving attribute that is unique to destination dispatch elevators?


How did the TELUS Garden integrated design process (IDP) improve building performance?

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