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Advancing sustainable design with life cycle assessment (LCA)

Advancing sustainable design with life cycle assessment (LCA)
Fall 2014 SABMag ConEd Article
GBCI: 0920001077

Life cycle thinking in construction is now more important than ever. Changes in LEED and Green Globes are pushing designers to consider life cycle impacts of their design choices, both on a material level and a whole-building level. This course will provide attendees with an understanding of life cycle assessment, an understanding of how to apply LCA to design, touch on how to achieve LCA credits in LEED v4 and Green Globes, and understand the environmental impacts of design choices.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this learning unit, the reader will be able to:

  1. Understand life cycle assessment (LCA).
  2. Apply LCA to design projects.
  3. Achieve the new LCA credits in LEED v4 and Green Globes.
  4. Understand the environmental impacts of design choices.

All articles offered by SABMag are GBCI approved. To qualify for continuing education learning hours, practitioners must first read the technical article below, and then proceed to complete the short quiz at the end. You must receive 80% on the quiz to record the activity as part of your continuing education. An email will be sent to you and will act as your certificate of completion once you have successfully completed the requirements.

In order to obtain your CEU Certificate of Completion for this course (1h CE):

STEP 1 : Read the article Advancing sustainable design with life cycle assessment (LCA) (PDF format)

STEP 2 : Take the quiz and get a minimum of 8 out of 10 correct answers to receive your Certificate of Completion.

Quiz by: SABMagazine


LCA stands for:


If a project team is looking to maximize flexibility and trade-offs with regards to environmental performance, the project team would conduct a _____________?


Changes in LEED v4 and Green Globes provide incentives to learn more about LCA.


Which of the following would be considered when looking at the flows between the building and nature?


LCA is particularly useful in identifying what?


Which green building program DOES NOT have incentives for designers to use LCA?


IE4B is an example of what?


Global warming potential, materials for recycling, and net use of fresh water are what?


LCA is a science of best estimates and not a science of absolute measurement.


Using LCA for product comparisons gives designers what information?

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