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Designing building for real performance

Designing building for real performance
January 2015 SABMag ConEd Article
GBCI: 0920002380

Traditionally design teams have ensured buildings are built as designed, but as we move forward, how buildings are actually performing is becoming more and more important. This article looks at how projects are moving towards guaranteeing energy performance, the tools available, and impacts on the design team. Aimed at designers and building owners, this article will give you insight into the next generation of green building energy performance.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this learning unit, the reader will be able to:

  1. Understand the challenges of guaranteed energy performance.
  2. Describe the tools available to estimate energy usage.
  3. Understand what is driving the market towards actual energy performance.
  4. Read how guaranteed energy performance was applied on an actual project.

All articles offered by SABMag are GBCI approved. To qualify for continuing education learning hours, practitioners must first read the technical article below, and then proceed to complete the short quiz at the end. You must receive 80% on the quiz to record the activity as part of your continuing education. An email will be sent to you and will act as your certificate of completion once you have successfully completed the requirements.

In order to obtain your CEU Certificate of Completion for this course (1h CE):

STEP 1 : Read the article High-Performance Building Enclosures in the Anthropocene (PDF format)

STEP 2 : Take the quiz and get a minimum of 8 out of 10 correct answers to receive your Certificate of Completion.

Quiz by: David Mead


According to the article, the next great leap in the design of sustainable buildings is:


Which of the following design standards does not look at actual energy performance:


Software programs are emerging that make it simple for designers to guarantee energy savings with no risk.


Which of the following is not energy modeling software?


When guaranteeing energy performance what is a considered a common safety factor to apply?


In a guaranteed performance contract, what happens if the building is not performing as designed?


Seattle is currently experimenting with actual performance as part of what?


Software such as Sefaira is great for what?


LEED v4 now has a prerequisite for sub-metering?


Which of the following is not a critical element to getting accurate energy modeling results?

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