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Integrative Project Planning and Design

Integrative Process

To support high-performance, cost-effective project outcomes through an early analysis of the interrelationships among systems.

Smart Location

To encourage development within and near existing communities and public transit infrastructure. To encourage improvement and redevelopment of existing cities, suburbs, and towns while limiting the expansion of the development footprint in the region. To reduce vehicle trips and vehicle distance traveled. To reduce the incidence of obesity, heart disease, and hypertension by encouraging daily physical activity associated with walking and bicycling.

Imperiled Species and Ecological Communities Conservation

To conserve imperiled species and ecological communities.

Wetland and Water Body Conservation

To preserve water quality, natural hydrology, habitat, and biodiversity through conservation of wetlands and water bodies.

Agricultural Land Conservation

To preserve irreplaceable agricultural resources by protecting prime and unique farmland from development.

Floodplain Avoidance

To protect life and property, promote open space and habitat conservation, and enhance water quality and natural hydrologic systems.

Preferred Locations

To encourage development within existing cities, suburbs, and towns to reduce the environmental and public health consequences of sprawl. To reduce development pressure beyond the limits of existing development. To conserve the natural and financial resources required for infrastructure.

Brownfield Redevelopment

To encourage the cleanup of contaminated lands and developing sites that have been identified as contaminated.

Access to Quality Transit

To encourage development in locations shown to have multimodal transportation choices or otherwise reduced motor vehicle use, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and other environmental and public health harms associated with motor vehicle use.

Bicycle Facilities

To promote bicycling and transportation efficiency and reduce vehicle distance traveled. To improve public health by encouraging utilitarian and recreational physical activity.

Housing and Jobs Proximity

To encourage balanced communities with a proximate housing and employment opportunities.

Steep Slope Protection

To minimize erosion, protect habitat, and reduce stress on natural water systems by preserving steep slopes in a natural, vegetated state.

Site Design for Habitat or Wetland and Water Body Conservation

To conserve native plants, wildlife habitat, wetlands, and water bodies.

Restoration of Habitat or Wetlands and Water Bodies

To restore native plants, wildlife habitat, wetlands, and water bodies harmed by previous human activities.

Long-Term Conservation Management of Habitat or Wetlands and Water Bodies

To conserve native plants, wildlife habitat, wetlands, and water bodies.