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SABMag 74 Spring 2022

SABMag 74 Spring 2022



DOWEL LAMINATED TIMBER: a step towards circularity in construction

By Sigi Liebmann

Wood is widely promoted as a renewable and environmentally responsible material, based on the third-party certification of sustainable forest management (SFM) practices. While this can be successfully argued at the scale of the forest, until now, the argument has not applied equally at the scale of the building. Read more …

2021 LEED Buildings-in-Review

A record of the LEED buildings certified in 2021

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Parcours Gouin Welcome Pavilion

A passive-active design brings urban beautification

By Maryse Laberge

Designed both as a visitor centre and as a showcase for environmental education, the Parcours Gouin Welcome pavilion integrates sustainable design  strategies, such as site preservation, potable water conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, local materials, and health and wellbeing. The Net-Zero project is certified LEED Gold. Read more …

Clayton Community Centre

Open design process meets high performance and needs of users

By Melissa Higgs

Located about 10km east of the Surrey City Centre, Clayton Heights is transitioning rapidly from a predominantly agricultural community to an increasingly urban one. Designed to feel like it is part of the surrounding forest, the Clayton Community Centre focuses on meeting the current and evolving needs of residents, with social gathering spaces that help foster wellness, connection and resilience. Read more …

Building the future of nuclear through responsible waste disposal (Sponsored content)

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has made plans for the construction of a highly engineered radioactive waste disposal facility in Chalk River, Ontario, Canada. The facility is being proposed as a permanent and modern technological solution to an environmental issue that goes back almost a century. Read more …

The ReCover Initiative

A deep retrofit methodology to cut operating energy, reduce GHG emissions and upgrade ageing buildings

By Emma Norton, Nick Rudnicki and Lorrie Rand Nova Scotia has committed to aggressive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, targeting a 53% reduction below 1990 levels by 2030, and net zero emissions by 2050. A recent report by Brendan Haley and Ralph Torrie states that existing buildings are responsible for 47% of Nova Scotia’s GHG emissions. Read more …

Third & Hawkins Condo

Local residents band together to offer comfort and high efficiency to downsizers

By Mary Ellen Read

Located in downtown Whitehorse, this six-storey, predominantly wood-frame structure is the brainchild of three couples, none with previous construction or development experience. They joined forces with a common purpose: to develop a sustainable, community-oriented residential building that would also meet market expectations of comfort and luxury. Read more …

Interview with Lucie Andlauer of  Subterra Renewable

Lucie Andlauer is CEO of Subterra Renewables, a Toronto-based company which takes geothermal energy beyond the installation step.

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