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SABMag 60 - Summer 2018

SPECIAL ISSUE: 2018 Canadian green Building Awards - Winning Projects Announced!

One York Street – Toronto, ON

Commercial/Industrial [Large] Award Jury comments: We were impressed that this tower incorporated so many innovative sustainable features, whether or not they would achieve credits on a check list. Things like individualized climate controls for office workers, and a public park rather than simply amenity space for building occupants, were notable

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Centre de Découverte – Boucherville, QC

Institutional [Small] Award Jury comments: This building was notable for its strong focus on sustainable strategies, implemented in a most elegant and beautifully detailed way. The use of natural ventilation and daylighting was particularly innovative. We also appreciated the multiple ways in which local wood was used.  

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Ecology Action Centre Headquarters – Halifax, NS

Commercial/Industrial [Small] Award Jury comments: The fact the community was actively engaged in this project speaks to the often overlooked issue of social and cultural sustainability. As such, it provides a reminder that successful community architecture is as much about process as it is about the final product. The energy

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Okanagan College Child Care Centre – Penticton, BC

Institutional [Small] Award Jury comments: As a structure designed to the rigorous Passive House standard, this building is notable for the beauty and simplicity of its environmental systems. The building relies mostly on local materials and very economical passive design strategies, yet also addresses cross-cultural issues and creates a symbolic

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Environmental Science and Chemistry Building – Scarborough, ON

Institutional [Large] Award Jury comments: This building has a particularly innovative approach to solar shading, creating a dynamic façade and animating interior spaces. This approach carries through to the other environmental systems which  are exposed to view, not simply to celebrate the technology, but to monitor performance, facilitate research and

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Harvey Woods Lofts – Woodstock, ON

Existing Building Upgrade Award Jury comments: The retention and rehabilitation of existing buildings, particularly in the centre of small cities such as this, addresses sustainability issues of embodied energy as well as social and cultural continuity. We were impressed by how an atrium was created within the existing building as

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Brock Commons Tallwood House – Vancouver, BC

Residential [Large] Award Winner Jury comments: We were impressed by the waste reduction that resulted from factory prefabrication, the speed of construction, the technical innovation, the holistic approach to sustainability – including carbon sequestration and life cycle issues. This is a building many people can learn from.

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UBC Campus Energy Centre – Vancouver, BC

Commercial/Industrial [Small] Award Winner Jury comments: This is a beautiful solution for a building type that has traditionally been tucked away from public view. The elegant way in which the building reveals its inner workings makes it not only a striking piece of architecture, but an important didactic tool for

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