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SABMag 48 - Summer 2015


Beechwood Deep Energy Retrofit

Post-World War II bungalow re-made for healthy, low-energy living The winning residential project of the 2015 Canadian Green Building Awards is a post-World War II bungalow transformed into a highly-efficient two-storey home: a retrofit that exceeds Passive House air-tightness requirements for new construction. The project underwent an integrated design process

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Architecture Canada | RAIC Report

Politics and Architecture The federal government is proceeding with plans to erect a National Memorial to the Victims of Communism in the judicial precinct beside Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Whatever one might think about the need for such a commemoration in the nation’s capital, the choice of site is regrettable.

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Do our green buildings perform as expected?

Project examines gaps between expected and actual performance Buildings are complex entities that rely on both technical systems and human behaviour to create appropriate environments with optimal use of resources. There are often significant gaps between predicted [or expected] performance and measured performance in areas such as energy use, carbon

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2015 Award Winning Project: Earth Sciences Building

Jury comment A highly energy-efficient building that is also exemplary in its use of new wood products and technology. The facades are nuanced in their response to solar orientation and views, and the interiors are warm, welcoming and beautifully lit. The project expresses its intentions very clearly in the arrangement

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2015 Award Winning Project: Kwayatsut

Jury comment A challenging project, serving a high needs user group, this building needed to be highly durable as well as welcoming, supportive and environmentally responsible. To have met all these requirements on a tight budget is a considerable achievement. The building is generous and inclusive with elegant, comfortable and

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2015 Award Winning Project: Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office

Jury comment A very high-performance building that does justice to its client’s corporate philosophy and aspirations. It includes some wonderful collaborative and social spaces. The project has been tailored to its inhabitants, offering up environmental features as a way to enhance their day-to-day working life. The green roof is not

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2015 Award Winning Project: Halifax Central Library

Jury comment An extraordinary building that is most successful in its drama of architectural form and its public space. The project balances its architectural, social and environmental aspirations and provides a great model for the design of environmentally responsible community buildings. The Halifax Central Library provides an exciting and enjoyable

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2015 Award Winning Project: Surrey Civic Centre

Jury comment A bold and dramatic building that is nonetheless refined and elegant. A fitting statement for a municipality that is forging a new identity based on the consideration of sustainability at all levels – including transit, civic and community space, and the transparency and accessibility of government. This is

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