The Ecohome Demo House

Stage One: Slab-on-grade construction

The Ecohome Demonstration House is well underway, the following page chronicles the first stage of constuction, building the slab-on-grade. The house is oriented facing south to maximize passive solar heat gain in winter, but will be shaded in the summer by deciduous trees, wall mounted sun shades and a large overhang to prevent overheating.

By Mike Reynolds

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Clarendon Semis

A residential semi-detached urban infill on a small east/west-oriented lot, with each living unit having three bedrooms plus study and attached garage, is a typical redevelopment in an established Ottawa neighbourhood. With one unit retained by the Developer/Owner/Architect and the other sold at market price, the project was a careful experimental blend of the sustainability preferences of the Owner versus market pricing realities.

By Gordon Erskine

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