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Interview with Nicholas Gefucia, Vice President, EllisDon Community Builders

EllisDon Community Builders (EDCB), a new group within EllisDon launched in February, has the goal of helping to deliver affordable and supportive housing.

1. Does EDCB work with certain types of organizations to deliver the housing?  

EDCB will work with those who wish to deliver quality sustainable affordable housing in their community. We will engage with non-profit organizations, municipalities or private developers, as well as higher levels of government who wish to address the affordable housing challenge with a strategic focus. Our model is geared to support viable projects with optimal affordability and a scalable offering that begins at the earliest stages of a project with a comprehensive set of services that supports affordable housing in all respects.

2. What would be EDCB’s role?  

EDCB’s core offering, as a development consultant in the early stages, is development management services that utilizes the expertise of every facet of EllisDon, one of the largest and most reputable builders in Canada. This involves development and financial advisory services which are performed leveraging everything that a world-leading construction services company has to offer. We will then facilitate the full cradle-to-grave development and construction solutions that EllisDon can provide.

3. Would EDCB operate in every part of Canada, or will it target specific regions?

EDCB’s reach is Canada-wide and tall. EllisDon has area offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, London and Halifax, with the unique capacity to serve critical needs in the far north.

Our affordable housing base design, which was developed with a view to serving affordable housing needs across Canada, is intended to be implemented across the country. We expect that our approach will benefit from our experiences gained through building across Canada and will inform the best affordable housing solutions on a community-to-community basis.

4. Will EDCB focus mainly on multi-unit housing, and what level

of energy performance and indoor environmental quality will it have?

As referenced above, EDCB has developed an affordable housing base design that not only accelerates the design development process on a project-by-project basis but also supports our clients’ direction in achieving environmental efficiency standards, including CMHC requirements, Passive House and Net Zero Carbon. We are able to take on larger builds given our capacity and expertise, while staying committed to our clients’ affordable housing mandates.

5. Why did EllisDon launch EDCB?

Every Canadian is aware of our national housing challenges and far too many are suffering because of it. EllisDon has recognized that it is uniquely positioned to address this need, particularly because of our track record of developing critical assets with social outcomes. It’s what we do best. Partnering with like-minded NPOs, municipalities and developers to serve communities with assets that communities can be proud of is the core function of EDCB, and that is why we have put this team together. Having a team of dedicated professionals with the resources of one of Canada’s top builders, we can lead an initiative with significant national impact.