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Interview with Jeff Addison

Jeff Addison, Managing Director, Kiko Water Systems is riding high after Kiko received the 2017 Green Building Product of the Year Award from the Canada Green Building Council for its Water Systems Cartridges, a nanotechnology that is green and not chemical.

What do your water system cartridges do?
Our cartridges change the behaviour and improve the efficiency of water. In HVAC systems, thermal energy is transferred through water and our cartridges allow for a more efficient delivery system, much like the way fibre optic cable now delivers information to your computer faster than was the case with the old dial up system. This occurs as a result of our cartridges weakening the hydrogen bonding between H2O molecules which reduces the surface tension of water and lowers its specific heat capacity. This contributes to reduced energy consumption, improved system performance and quicker system response times. Our cartridges also help to extend equipment lifespans due to reduced run times.

Where are the cartridges installed and what results do they deliver?
Our clients realise approximately a 20% reduction in HVAC operating costs and all of our results are normalized to account for the myriad of variables in HVAC operations. Installed into pot feeders, make up water tanks, feed lines and sumps of open and closed loop systems, our installations require no system shutdowns or project management. Equipment run times, delta T, approach temperatures, and system response times are some of the many operating conditions that are greatly improved from using Kiko. Equipment wear and tear is also reduced and system operations are simplified.

How do results get measured?
All of our results are established from our customer’s data and are normalized based on contributing factors such as weather, occupancy rates, operating conditions, etc. We have also developed Kiko InSight – our real-time monitoring system that isolates HVAC equipment performance and energy consumption. Designed to provide system operators and management comprehensive knowledge of HVAC operations and costs, best practices can be established to ensure optimal performance while also showing the detailed performance improvements and savings that using Kiko generates. Data is streamed via the 24/7 on-line dashboard which also has the ability to enable custom notifications and alerts.