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SABMag 50 - Winter 2015-16


Regenerative Design in Practice

The Vale Living with Lakes Centre The quest for a sustainable architecture must ultimately embrace the challenge of ecological regeneration. This idea has gained traction internationally through the work of architects such as Sin van der Ryn and Bill Reed, while in Canada the movement has been led by Dr.

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Beyond Lot Lines

Towards the Sustainable Transformation of Existing Neighbourhoods Triple Threat or Triple Bottom Line. Environment, Equity, Infrastructure. These are three key challenges standing in the way of reshaping Canada’s aging urban [and suburban] fabric into more livable and resilient districts. By Wayne Olson

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Canada and the WELL Building Standard

As the average person now spends more than 90% of their time indoors, understanding how the built environment protects and supports human health is not only critical, but it presents a major opportunity. This is because healthy indoor environments can reduce toxic exposure, improve ventilation rates, support healthy eating and

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P’egp’ig’lha Community Centre

Traditional building ideas create energy-efficient, unifying space Located on a bench high above the Fraser River, and encircled by mountains, this 1850m2 building includes a community hall, health centre and band office for the T’it’q’et First Nation. The Nation, home to the P’egp’ig’lha, [or frog people] is a part of

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Blacksmith Lofts

Re-purposed brick and beam factory preserves heritage Dating from the late 1800s, the original industrial building, now the Blacksmith Lofts of 27 modern apartments, served as a manufacturing facility for blacksmith forges and residential furnaces. By Patrick Simmons

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Interview with Rodney Wilts

Rodney Wilts, a partner at Windmill Development Group, has a big role to play in the coming years as he helps to guide Zibi [meaning river in Algonquin,], one of the most significant brownfield redevelopments anywhere by Windmill and by Dream Unlimited Corp. The $1.2 billion project on the

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