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SABMag 45 - Fall 2014


Choosing the right windows for your house

A brief guide Windows are essential to our houses. They give us natural light, a way to ventilate the home without depending on mechanical systems, a means of emergency exit, and offer an alternative way to heat the house free of charge through passive heating. By Denis Boyer

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Heat pumps

What they are, how they work When it comes to residential heating and cooling systems, few types of systems are as energy efficient as heat pumps. But what exactly are they and how do they work? In short, a heat pump is simply an electrical device that is capable of

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Maurer House and Studio

Case Study inachieving Net Zero energy Built in 2003, the 1,850 sq. ft. Maurer House overlooks Lake Okanagan in BC on a sloping site with bedrock outcrops that we built around by dividing the house into three pieces around a central garden and mature trees: a studio/garage on the east,

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Clarendon Semis

A residential semi-detached urban infill on a small east/west-oriented lot, with each living unit having three bedrooms plus study and attached garage, is a typical redevelopment in an established Ottawa neighbourhood. With one unit retained by the Developer/Owner/Architect and the other sold at market price, the project was a careful

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Passive Narrow House

Compact house lets nature do the work Located in a jungle of hip roofs, white vinyl, and pink stucco in East Vancouver, the Passive Narrow House makes green home ownership more affordable through careful planning, use of simple forms, and a combination of inexpensive yet durable materials that reduce maintenance

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Interview with Jack Laken

President of Termobuild Canada [ ,] in Toronto, engineer Jack Laken [ ] has long been a missionary of passive heating and cooling of buildings. The question is: How well are we listening?

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The BlueShore Financial Environmental Learning Centre

Light footprint provides lessons in environmental stewardship From its 175 hectare rural campus 85km north of Vancouver BC, the North Vancouver Outdoor School [NVOS] has offered environmental education  programs on behalf of School District 44 for more than 40 years. Every elementary student in the district spends at least a

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Westmount Recreation Centre

Recreation centre goes underground to save energy, create green space Built in the 1960s, the former Westmount arena and pool were outdated and in need of major renovations. To respond to the present needs of Westmount residents, it was decided that the existing facilities would be demolished to make way

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Farnham Garrison Kitchen and Dining Hall

Thoughtful design raises user comfort and well-being The new 2,075 m² single storey building houses kitchen and dining facilities for the Department of National Defence at the Farnham Garrison in Farnham, Quebec. The dining hall is designed to accommodate 300 seats, and the kitchen has a capacity of 600 meals

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