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SABMag 44 - Summer 2014


Tips from the field

A builder expert’s essentials for a green home or reno “Green” has been a buzzword over the last few decades. We are bombarded with reality TV shows, websites, magazines and product descriptions that often give conflicting information about their green claims. For builders, sorting through these conflicting claims can be

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Great Gulf Active House

Big builder pushes the boundaries of green residential development Great Gulf, one of the country’s largest home builders, is simultaneously concerned with being an innovative, forward-thinking company, and a competitive builder in the residential market. This project in Thorold, Ontario was a leap of faith in a market that has

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Building better basements

Comfort, durability and healthier indoor air The musty basement smell that we have come to accept as unavoidable is actually quite avoidable. The solution is really very simple – don’t build below grade with walls that were designed for above grade, because they can’t possibly do what you want them

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House C4

Big makeover brings modern look and function The house is a three-storey flat roof structure with a two-storey addition in the rear. Flat roofs were chosen not only for the modern appearance but for rain water collection and green roof application. The house, with its modern appearance, is appropriately positioned

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Insulating walls with dense pack cellulose

Time for some respect In 2005, Metric Homes of Carp, Ontario designed and built Canada’s first Energy Star labelled home in Canada. This home was built with dense-packed cellulose as the wall insulation of choice. Their intent was to produce a better built home with a goal of creating “a

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One Planet Reno, Ottawa

The One Planet Reno project set out to create a beautiful and functional family home for four, complete with a home office, while simultaneously minimizing the ecological footprint of construction and eliminating carbon emissions from operations. The comprehensive renovation of a neglected century-old home was chosen as the basis for

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2014 AWARD-WINNING PROJECT: One Planet Reno, Ottawa

JURY COMMENT The story behind this project is as compelling as the building itself. The design team looked at almost every green building metric and made an earnest attempt to incorporate the best of each in a truly holistic approach to sustainable design. The result takes a standard Ontario residential

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Interview with Renée Gratton

Founder and president of the Construction Resource Initiatives Council [CRIC], Renee Gratton wants to stamp out waste from building construction. So she set herself a mission. BY RENEE GRATTON

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Viewpoint: LEED v4 in Canada

The Canadian green building market has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years. There are now over 4500 LEED projects registered in Canada, of which over 1500 are certified. The Canadian green building industry and LEED have driven continual improvements in building construction and operation and maintenance meanwhile making real

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