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Hyde Park Elementary School


Top energy performer employs thermal mass of precast concrete

A proven product like precast hollow core slabs have gained new functionality and added value through their integration with the heating and cooling system of the High Park School in Barrie, Ontario. Technology from Toronto-based Termobuild converted the precast floors into part of the HVAC system.

By Jack Laken

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King Edward Villa

Innovative thinking derives maximum benefit from construction budget

King Edward Villa is a six-storey mixed-use building located in east Vancouver. The ground floor commercial space and the single level of underground parking are constructed in concrete, with five storeys of wood frame construction housing 77 rental apartments above.

By Jim Taggart

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Continuing Education Article

Designing Interior Environments
that Support Human Health

Although we have known for a long time that Canadians spend over 90% of their time indoors, only recently have we consciously begun to design environments that not only meet health and safety regulations, but also actually improve occupant health and wellbeing.

By Kaitlyn Gillis and Michelle Biggar

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SABMag on high-performance housing



MAFCOHOUSE is a contemporary building system that harks back to the architecture of Richard Neutra and Pierre Koenig but which also meets the environmental aspirations of today's clients and building codes.

By Will Jones

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Stade de Soccer de Montréal

Dramatic neighbourhood stadium pursues ecological restoration and high embodied energy

The land now occupied by the St-Michel Environmental Complex has a long history of human intervention: being used first as a mining centre, then as a dumping site. The impacts have been both ecological and symbolic, with environmental neglect translating into negative public perception.

By Gilles Saucier

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2017 Canadian Directory of Products and Services for Sustainable High-Performance Building

Visit the Directory online for Listings organized by Product Category and by LEED Category

Sustainability from the ground up


Locally-inspired architecture with
a global reach

This is the first of two articles featuring the work of emerging practices from across the country, whose vision of sustainability embraces holistic solutions implemented at a small scale. The work gives physical form to the emerging culture of cooperation and collaboration that is the foundation of social sustainability.

Jim Taggart, SABMag editor

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Dario Montoni started Montoni Group 20 years ago with a desire to modernize the construction industry’s methods. Montoni has become a real estate leader in Quebec and Eastern Canada by demonstrating a commitment to design LEED-rated buildings on a commercial scale.


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