Issue 03 - Spring | Summer 2010


Lucerne HOUSE           

Renovated 50s home takes low-tech green approach

This developer-built bungalow – an ersatz version of the classic West Coast post and beam style house – dates from 1958. Typically a house of this age and in this condition would be torn down for redevelopment. Instead, the house has been renovated and extended, and now acknowledges its true heritage while retaining economy of the developer’s original construction materials and methods.   

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Victorian makeover

Heritage home morphs to open modern

The renewal of this 125-year old small Victorian home presented a typical challenge in Toronto – altering and updating the existing residential urban fabric while preserving the historic character of heritage neighbourhoods.

Darling Home for Kids

The indoor environment

As houses have become better built in recent years, with superior envelopes that are tighter against air leaks, indoor air quality has become more of a concern.   

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Exit Realty Matrix




Roofing choices for the sustainable home

Sustainability in roofing means the end of using products made from virgin material. Instead, the industry is moving to transferring existing waste into useable products that will continually be reprocessed and diverted from landfill sites. There are now products that have a high percentage of recycled content, some with life-long warranties.