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ISSUE 34 - March | April 2012 - Articles in this issue

The Atrium

Spec building revitalizes moribund
city block

This high-density office building set in a transitional area of downtown Victoria responds to twin challenges of how could a speculative office development help revitalize a moribund area and enrich the community at large; and how could the economics of typical high-rise office developments be made to work in a mid-rise, green building format.   Read more ...


The John C. & Sally Horsfall Eaton Ambulatory Care Centre St. John’s Rehab Hospital

Reno/addition creates new image for healing organization

This project consists of a two-storey, 4700m2 addition to an existing rehab hospital on a treed 9.5 hectare site in North Toronto. The hospital was originally owned and run by the Sisters of St. John the Divine who purchased the property in the 1930s so that the hospital could enjoy the benefits of the rural surroundings outside of the city centre. Since that time, the city has  grown up around the hospital, but the large park-like site has been largely preserved.   Read More ...




Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Energy Efficiency and Water Self-Sufficiency in remote locations 

In the summer of 2011, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in northern Manitoba, moved into its  new 2600m2 facility. The building is designed for 88 visiting scientists and 12 staff working year-round on sub-arctic scientific research and education. The goals for the new facility were to lower utility and operating costs, create a high-performance building that showcases best practice green building engineering design, meet the unique needs of a remote research building in a harsh northern  climate, and meet budgetary and time constraints. Read more ...