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ISSUE 33 - January | February 2012 - Articles in this issue


Samuel Brighouse Elementary School

Student ideas help put sustainability on display

Samuel Brighouse Elementary School is a
replacement K-7 school located in a single-family
neighbourhood in Richmond, BC. Construction of the new school followed a seismic analysis of the existing structure, which determined that upgrading to current code standards was not economically feasible and that deconstruction of all but the gymnasium was the most practical approach to renewal.   Read more ...


Wall Assemblies and Reality

In the past, architects have relied heavily on industry supplied data when designing and assembling different parts of a building. The majority of the time, the components of a typical wall in Canada are derived from several manufactures, each supplying the performance data for the material itself, but not taking into account other materials in the assembly.

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Sisters of St Joseph Convent

Care of the Earth embedded in every design decision

An important goal of this project was to gain a deep understanding of the client’s vision and ideology and thus, through a process of collaboration, achieve an architecture that transcribes the gracious faith of he Sisters, their service to humanity and their commitment to ecology.   Read more ...



CASE STUDY - Let There Be Less Light

Lighting Retrofit of the Social Sciences Centre, University of Western Ontario

Located in London, Ontario, the University of Western Ontario has 239 faculty members, over 6,400 undergraduates and 550 graduate students.  The University has 76 buildings – many dating from the 1970s and earlier. As with many older structures, automation or energy control systems were not installed when the buildings were first constructed. 

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NORTH TORONTO - Collegiate Institute Redevelopment

Public-private partnership a model for sustainable projects

This major redevelopment project was made possible through a very unique and innovative transaction between the Toronto School Board and Tridel Builders.   Read more ...

The Effectiveness of BOMA BESt and LEED Canada EB:O&M in Greening Commercial Buildings

It is becoming increasingly recognized that the majority of the building stock that will be in use in 20 or 30 years time is already built. This has brought the importance of addressing the sustainability of existing buildings to the attention of many in the construction industry.  Read more ...