Issue 28 - March | April 2011



Sleek, renovated public building employs passive heating and cooling

Located just north of the city walls, on a pier in the Bassin Louise, Pavillon Espace 400e was conceived as the focal point for Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations which took place in 2008. The project transformed a 1950s cement factory [which had most recently served as an interpretive centre] into a venue for live performance, exhibitions, workshops and other events.   more



Sustainable engineering firm shows how it’s done in LEED Platinum headquarters

In the design of Enermodal’s new headquarters, A Grander View, the primary goal was to create a LEED Platinum office that would be the most energy-efficient in Canada. Since its completion in late 2009, energy consumption for the 2150 m2 building is 69 kWh/m2 of energy per year. This was very close to the design energy modelling predictions of 65 kWh/m2.  more


Beyond Eco-Bling
Designing interiors can be an ephemeral pursuit. This is especially true in retail and hospitality projects where clients often want a fresh perspective after only five years. The trend to reinvent, repurpose, and all too often replace, is common in our disposable culture.  more


Modern building preserves cultural traditions
This 1,196 sq.m multi-purpose educational facility, located at the heart of the University of Victoria Campus, houses the Indigenous Graduate Student Union, Native Student Union, classrooms, faculty and counseling offices, Elders and
student lounges, study areas and a ceremonial space. 


Recreation facilities have long been important gathering places that contribute significantly to the physical and social health of the communities they serve. Recreation buildings must continue to support and enhance this civic mandate, while at the same time addressing ever increasing expectations of environmental performance.  more




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