• Armec
  • Bayview Cycle Centre
  • Bike Up
  • Biogreen Systems Ltd.
  • Busch Systems
  • Carmanag Technologies
  • Champagne Edition Inc.
  • Colbond Inc.
  • Contech Construction Products Inc.
  • CRS Electronics
  • Deltalok Inc. – Green Retaining Wall Structures
  • D. Litchfield & Co Ltd.
  • Envirobond Products Corporation
  • Epcor
  • Gator International
  • GE WattStation
  • Gear Up
  • greenscreen®
  • GSE Lining Technology, Inc.
  • Hydrotech Membrane Corporation | Monolithic Membrane 6125
  • Integrated Paving Concepts Inc.
  • Invisible Structures Inc.
  • LiveRoof | LiveRoof is the premier pre-vegetated green roof system available across Canada. Regionally grown modules with vegetation specifically selected and tested for your climate by the horticultural professionals at LiveRoof. Wind uplift tested according to CSA A123.24-15. |  LEED BD+C: SS- Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction; WE - Outdoor Water Use Reduction; Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials; LEED O+M: Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction

  • Maglin Site Furniture
  • Midpoint International Inc.
  • Millennium Decking
  • Molok North America Ltd. | The Molok® Deep Collection™ system is an innovative alternative for collecting waste, recyclables and organics. With two-thirds underground, Molok® containers need to be emptied less often, reducing truck traffic and lowering emissions.
  • Mutual Materials
  • N.A.T.S. Nursery Ltd.
  • Nitterhouse
  • Performance Bike
  • Pontarolo Engineering Inc.
  • Smart Ditch
  • South Side Air
  • Sto Corp. North America
  • Syntal Products Ltd.
  • Tatlors Recyled Plastics Inc.
  • Techno Protection
  • TerraFirm Enterprises
  • Terratechnik
  • Unilock | Unilock products can help with your LEED certification goals. Our products have been used on many LEED projects in North America. | LEED BD+C:SS-Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction; MR-Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials; LEED O+M:SS-Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction.
  • Verdyol Plant Research Ltd.
  • Vitaroofs 
  • Wishbone Site Furnishings  | A recognized leader in the development and manufacture of “Made in Canada” street furnishings. Using recycled plastics and metals, Wishbone products speak innovation through design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. | LEED BD+C,  ID+C: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials. LEED Home: Environmentally Preferable Products.



  • Bordna Mona Inc.
  • Catec Rainwater Harvesting Systems 
  • Jay R. Smith Co.
  • Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.
  • ZCL Composites Inc.


  • Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd.
  • The Langley Concrete Group
  • Royal Liner


  • Marathon Equipment Company’s Eco-Safe Digester
  • Canplas

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