LOW-VOC Products and LEED Contributions

MAPEI low-VOC ECO Prim Grip™ Simplifies Tile Renovations

MAPEI’s new ECO Prim Grip is a ready-to-use bond-promoting primer that prepares an existing tile or stone surface to receive a new installation without the time, labour or dust of scarification. This synthetic-resin-based primer enhances the performance of mortars and their adhesion to existing ceramics and other difficult substrates, and it can be applied with a roller in only one coat. A surface coated with ECO Prim Grip is ready for new tile installation within 15-60 minutes. Low odour and VOC compliance make the product safe for use in occupied interior environments.

“ECO Prim Grip will provide a solution for repairs and renovations in residential and commercial markets at a lower overall cost, and in less time and with  reduced environmental impact,” said Brian Pistulka, Business Manager for MAPEI’s Tile & Stone Installation Systems.


MAPEI Group is the world leader in the manufacturing of adhesives and complementary products for the installation of all types of floor and wall coverings. The company also specializes in manufacturing other chemical products for building, including waterproofing products, special mortars and admixtures for concrete, products for the restoration of ancient buildings, and special decorative and protective coatings for walls. www.mapei.com

Ultrabond ECO® 885

Premium Grade Polyolefin Backed Carpet Adhesive

Ultrabond ECO 885 has been specifically designed to provide both permanent and releasable bonds for non-PVC, polyolefin and most “eco-type” backed carpet and carpet tile.  Its unique formulation has been developed to provide a very aggressive bond to polyolefin type carpet backings where traditional adhesives will not work.  Ultrabond ECO 885 can also be used in fast track construction practices where the MVER and RH are less than 8lbs and 90% respectively and show diminishing results over time.  


•  Aggressive tack to securely bond non-PVC/polyolefin backed carpet
•  Contains “post consumer content”  as part of the formulation for additional LEED points
•  Permanent or releasable installation system applications
•  Low VOC formula for use in occupied buildings

Ultrabond ECO® 995


Premium combo for moisture control and wood-flooring installation

Just a single application of new Ultrabond ECO 995 provides both superior bonding and moisture vapor emission control of up to 15 lbs. (6,80 kg) in MVER or 85% relative humidity. This one-component, ready-to-use, 100%-solids, moisture-cure urethane system is excellent for all types of wood flooring, including exotics and bamboo. Ultrabond ECO 995 utilizes MAPEI’s “greenest” technology and naturally renewable resources, resulting in an odor-free, phthalate-free installation that contributes additional points toward LEED-certified projects. This easy-to-trowel, elastomeric adhesive offers excellent trowel ridge hold-out, allowing it to perform well in commercial and industrial-grade applications.

For detailed information, visit www.mapei.com.

 New powerhouse mortar for large tile and stone


Setting large-format, heavy tile and stone has never been easier, thanks to the development of MAPEI’s latest mortar.  Highly deformable Ultraflex™ LFT is designed with outstanding nonsag and nonslump properties, resulting in an ideal mortar solution for medium-bed and thin-set installations involving interior and exterior walls, floors and countertops.


Polymer-rich Ultraflex LFT is packed with installer-friendly innovations like MAPEI’s Easy Glide Technology™, which makes it smooth and easy to apply.  Its Dust-Free Technology reduces dust by 90% during pouring and mixing, ultimately contributing to a cleaner jobsite.  Formulated with MAPEI’s “green innovation,” Ultraflex LFT is LEED-compliant, which helps contribute valuable points toward LEED-certified projects.

For more information on MAPEI products, visit www.mapei.com.