Issue 20 - Nov | Dec  2009


CLAUDETTE MACKAY-LASSOND PAVILION                                                                        VIEW SPREAD

New Eco-lab puts focus on green building technologies

Claudette McKay Lassonde was an innovator in Canadian Engineering and instrumental in raising the profile of women in engineering practice and education. It is fitting that the addition to the UWO engineering school that bears her name, is equally committed to the spirit of innovation.  read more



Modern form breaks chalet mould, delivers high performance
Nestled in BC’s Coast Mountains, and one of the world’s premier skiing destinations, the Resort Municipality of Whistler [RMOW] has a resident population of around 10,000.
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What price the old paradigms?
Retrofitting urban areas to be greener is one of the most important aspects of sustainable development - but our cities have been designed to an earlier paradigm and dismantling the legislation that created and perpetuates them will be quite a trick.  » Read more

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