Issue 19 - Sept | Oct 2009


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Acclaimed buildings has right stuff for first LEED Platinum in Manitoba

Most companies now understand that well designed physical space can have a positive impact on employee well being, productivity and, by extension, the corporate bottom line. In June 2004, Smith Carter opened its new corporate headquarters, located on a 2.2-hectare pie-shaped lot in Winnipeg’s south end. The 4600sq.m building represents a departure from traditional corporate architecture and clearly demonstrated that a high performance building is one of the most effective ways to leverage the intellectual capital embodied in the knowledge and experience of employees. Read more


rideau valley conservation authroity

Public building makes a statement with energy and water savings
The 1,600 sq.m office and conservation centre has cut the need for potable water by 70%, and passive heating, high-efficiency boilers, and heat recovery ventilators have reduced energy use by 42%. »  Read more


Technologies to cut energy use
Environmental groups were promoting the benefits of solar heating long before the federal government introduced its solar program in 1975. Over the next few years, domestic solar systems appeared on...  » Read more

design for disassembly

Early planning means an economic afterlife for buildings
The traditional model for the design,
construction, operation, decommissioning, demolition and disposal of a building is a
linear, sequence in which new materials,
products and building systems are created
at the beginning of a project and discarded
at the end. »  Read more

Sustainability Studio

A How-To on greening the small office.
Within the three billion square feet of office space in Canada are countless small offices - a class of space that has often been overlooked by the green building movement. The Sustainability Studio, located in downtown Toronto, is an attempt to address this issue.»  Read more