ISSUE 47 - Spring 2015




Inline Fiberglass

Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

Eco Insulating Glass

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Morrison Hershfield

Keystone Architecture & Planning

Forbo Flooring Systems

The 2014 LEED Buildings-In-Review

Our annual supplement of LEED-certified buildings

The 2014 list of LEED-certified buildings, and selected building profiles.

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The Ultimate Test for Design:

Does it Cause Health?

What if our health became the basis for judging every building and every public space? What if every person, everywhere always asked, “Does this place cause health? How does it make me feel?”

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CEU Article: Thermally efficient building envelopes

Visualizing the pathway to low energy buildings

Thermally efficient building envelopes have long been recognized as a necessity for low energy buildings in heating dominated climates.

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Eastgate Offices for Environment Canada

Energy-intensive building conserves through heat recovery, PV generation, and tight envelope

This project, known simply as ‘Eastgate’, is a double agent. Although it functions as a healthy, sustainable office space for its occupants in Edmonton, the building is also a 24/7, mission-critical facility designed to ensure that Environment Canada’s important weather forecasting work continues under any circumstances.

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Interview with:

Ron Schwenger

Principal of Architek [] in Vancouver, Ron Schwenger has a living architecture technologies company, and sage advice on vegetated roofs, living walls, living facades, rainwater harvesting, storm water mitigation.

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Follow up ...

More on the Continuing Education article [Energy Modelling – Designing Buildings for Real Performance] for LEED professionals published in the Winter 2014/15 issue of SABMag.

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