ISSUE 38 - November | December  2012 

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Halifax Seaport Farmers Market - Renovation and expansion of shipping warehouse achieves LEED Platinum


The Halifax Farmers Market is the oldest continually operating market of its type in North America, and a new waterfront facility, adjacent to the city’s cruise ship terminal, is the market’s 14th location since its establishment by royal proclamation in 1750.  

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Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability - Designed to be the most sustainable building in North America

Located on a dense site next to ‘Sustainability Street’ at the University of British Columbia, the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability [CIRS] houses 200 researchers from private, public, and NGO sectors, who work together with the common mission of
accelerating sustainability.  Read More


CEU ARTICLE - BEYOND REGIONAL MATERIAL CREDITS - Advancing the quest for truly sustainable design

Local product sourcing receives a lot of attention in green building rating systems, but the geographic limit it imposes considers only the transportation impacts of material selection. It does not take into account all the other potential  environmental impacts that form part of the overall ecological profile of a material. Standardized life cycle assessment is essential for a true understanding of how sustainable building products and materials really are.  Read More

Interior Living Walls - Construction of the Indoor air Biofilter at Centennial College, Toronto - Living Art Installation at Edmonton International Airport

The Centennial College Library and Academic Facility in Toronto is a campus gateway building with a saw tooth sequence of glazed vertical bays. These extend across the roofline to harvest daylight that reaches deep into the core of the building. In addition to providing an inviting, light-filled environment for study, this abundant natural light source creates an ideal setting for a four-storey biofilter living wall.  Read more

The living wall at the Edmonton International Airport is one of the largest in North America. Its three panels cover an area of 132 m2 and contain 8000 individual plants from 32 different species. The Stantec team wanted to integrate the vertical garden into the design of the terminal not only to provide a dramatic visual element, but also to contribute to improved air quality. Created by Green over Grey, the wall is the most visible of the many sustainable design systems incorporated into the building.  Read more



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