Issue 27 - January | February 2011



Over 3,100 LEED registered Projects and Growing!

Welcome to the LEED® Canada Buildings in Review Supplement.  This second issue in an annual series produced in cooperation with SABMag serves as a public record of  buildings and interiors in Canada that have obtained LEED certification from the adoption of the rating system in 2009 through to 2010.   more



Centre of Excellence - Okanagan College: An educational tool in its own right

The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation in Penticton is a post-secondary training facility for students entering the new generation of sustainable building trades. With a floor area of 7,000 sq.m the project is by far the largest of Canada’s current contenders for the Living Building Challenge [LBC].  more



Selecting Carpet and
Resilient Flooring

Interior materials and finishes are a component of buildings where life-cycle impacts may be significantly greater than the impact associated with the initial manufacture and installation of the material.  Floor coverings in particular, which are subject to mechanical wear, may be replaced several times during the life of a building.   more


Understanding Glare
Daylight harvesting in architecture is a complicated task as the most prominent characteristic of daylight is its variability. There are many methods of estimating how daylight will benefit spaces but too often the potential for glare is not properly addressed during design. This is especially prevalent in office space environments.  more





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