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passive narrow house

Compact house lets nature do the work

Located in a jungle of hip roofs, white vinyl, and pink stucco in East Vancouver, the Passive Narrow House makes green home ownership more affordable through careful planning, use of simple forms, and a combination of inexpensive yet durable materials that reduce maintenance costs. The passive strategies for lighting, heating,
cooling, and ventilating run on free solar energy, and the house has the ability to provide rental income of varying amounts based on the family’s changing needs. 

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A residential semi-detached urban infill on a small east/west-oriented lot, with each living unit having three bedrooms plus study and attached garage, is a typical redevelopment in an established Ottawa neighbourhood. With one unit retained by the Developer/Owner/Architect and the other sold at
market price, the project was a careful experimental blend of the sustainability preferences of the Owner versus market pricing realities.

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Case Study in achieving Net Zero energy

Built in 2003, the 1,850 sq. ft. Maurer House overlooks Lake Okanagan in BC on a sloping site with bedrock outcrops that we built around by dividing the house into three pieces around a central garden and mature trees: a studio/garage on the east, the master bedroom pavilion on the south, and the main living pavilion on the west.

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What they are, how they work

When it comes to residential heating and cooling systems, few types of systems are as energy efficient as heat pumps. But what exactly are they and how do they work? In short, a heat pump is simply an electrical device that is capable of transferring heat from one place to another. Though it may seem counterintuitive at first, heat can actually be extracted from cold air and added to warmer air.  Read More ...



Choosing the right windows for your home

Windows are essential to our houses. They give us natural light, a way to ventilate the home without depending on mechanical systems, a means of emergency exit, and offer an alternative way to heat the house free of charge through passive heating.

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