Issue 14 - Nov | Dec 2008


Rekai Centre | Wellesley Central Place Long-Term Care Facility

Village setting in the city promotes healing

Serving a multilingual urban community currently undergoing revitalization, this high-profile site had previously been the scene of conflict and controversy. In the late 1990s, the community felt abandoned, when Wellesley Hospital’s services for the frail elderly and people with HIV/AIDS were merged with a downtown hospital. Protests and negotiations aimed at preventing Wellesley’s closure were unsuccessful. The 1950’s era facility was demolished in 2003. » Read more

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Armstrong Ceiling
Canadian Institute Steel Construction
Canadian Precast Concrete Institute
Engineered Assemblies Inc.

Niagara Protective Coating
Pollard Windows
Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Thermotech Fiberglass

Tremco Canada
Western Archrib

 Thomas L. Wells Public School 

First green school points to the future

The first of a new generation of high performance ‘green schools’ by the Toronto District School Board, Thomas L. Wells is intended to serve as a model demonstrating sustainable design principles and » Read more

 Edmonton Zoo Makira Outpost

Pavilion a first in new sustainable development plan

Lemurs are native to the island of Madagascar, and most remaining species are now listed as endangered or threatened - largely due to habitat loss from deforestation. » Read more 



Why it doesn't help us to be Green

A man who calls the relationship with his wife “sustainable” must be a very unhappy man.  As long as we are obsessed with green rating systems, our architecture will be just as unhappy. » Read more

Green building with plastics

The Industry View

At first sight, plastics may appear to be a poor fit in the context of green building. Many in the design and construction industry consider plastics “unnatural” and nowhere near as “green” as more traditional materials like wood. » Read more